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Lee Sauder Candle Holders  


Large Kitchen Knife

I made this knife by the "San Mai" technique, in which a hard steel core is sandwiched between soft iron. The core is modern 1080 steel, and the outside is bloom iron I've smelted from a high-nickel iron ore. This makes it more corrosion resistant than many carbon steel knives, but it is NOT a stainless steel knife, and requires the same care as a carbon steel knife.

The blade is inspired by Japanese chef's knives. It is slightly hollow-forged, which allows for a heavy spine, and helps the food to release during slicing and chopping.

The handle is carved from boxwood, and inspired by knife handles I saw made in Burkina Faso.

A wonderful tool, fully tested in my kitchen!

Overall length 320mm, blade length 210mm

Free shipping in US

The particular knife pictured has been sold, but I am glad to accept orders for a similar one .


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