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Lee Sauder  

Lee Sauder
Bloomsmith and Sculptor

Here’s what I do for a living: I dig up iron ore, and transform it into metal by the ancient and long-forgotten art of bloomery smelting. Then I try to forge something beautiful out the iron I’ve made.

I’ll use these pages to share some of these things, and some of the knowledge I’ve gained in making them. If you’ve come here for the art, I hope you’ll read some about the technique for a greater understanding of the work. If you’ve come to read about the techniques, I hope you’ll buy something every once in a while to help fund more research. You’ll also find a schedule of events and classes, raw bloom iron for sale, some pewter spoons, and the usual odds and ends you expect in one of these places.

What's New:

6/28/16- I've begun to rebuild this poor neglected site! I've added some inexpensive gift items in the functional gallery, and I've updated the classes and events page.
If you haven't been here in awhile, you'll see many new things on the research page too.

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